Prior to registering for tutoring sessions, students must have a diagnostic assessment.

These assessments are extremely useful as they enable students and parents to identify individual learning styles and pinpoint areas of challenge so that the appropriate strategies can be applied to improve their performance. Students take charge of their learning, as they then work with knowledgeable tutors who use the information from the diagnostic assessment to direct student program and planning. Any students who need Orton-Gillingham must have an assessment done to determine where to start in the program.

All students and families have a personal interview before being accepted into the B.C. Learning Centre tutoring program. Students are also tested to determine their reading, spelling and comprehension level during the interview.

Application Form:
  • Online Student Application Package:  Submit completed application package online, by fax or mail.

  • Online:
    Save Online Student Application Package to your computer. Open and completely fill out the form in Adobe Reader. Click here to download Adobe Reader. Once you have completed the form, save and send by EMAIL

    By Mail: Learning Centre Director,
    B.C. Learning Centres for Children with Dyslexia
    Suite 200 – 1687 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1X2

    By Fax: 604-738-8116