Prior to registering for our tutoring program, students must have a psycho-educational assessment. These assessments are extremely useful as they enable students and parents to identify individual learning styles and pinpoint areas of challenge so that the appropriate strategies can be applied to improve their performance. This enables students to take charge of their learning. As students work with their tutors, the tutors use the information from the assessment to direct student programs and planning.

Psychologists that Assess for Learning Disabilities

Dr. Joan Pinkus Vancouver B.C 604-266-5354
Dr. Art Rathgeber Vancouver B.C 604-461-3500
Dr. Brian Atkinson Richmond B.C 604-718-6320
Drs. Peter and Linda Hotz Vancouver B.C 604-873-4553
Dr. Celine Brouillette Vancouver B.C 604-312-7367
Dr. Deborah Bell Vancouver B.C 604-568-8108
Dr. Jacobsen 604-232-9515

For an alternative assessment option recognized by the B.C. Learning Centres for Children with Dyslexia, the U.B.C. Psychoeducational Research & Training Centre also offers psychoeducational assessments at a lower cost than a registered psychologist.

For more information:
U.B.C. Psychoeducational Research & Training Centre
PRTC Test Library & Hotline: (604)822-1364
Location: University of British Columbia, 1100 Scarfe Building, 2125 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC
Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday: 9-8pm; Friday-Saturday: 9-4 pm; Sunday: Closed.