B.C. Learning Centres Multisensory Program

The B.C. Learning Centres for Children with Dyslexia takes a 2-pronged approach to investing in our children.

First, we provide free-of-charge Orton-Gillingham training to volunteer educators in exchange for a 2-year (100 hours) minimum volunteer commitment to our students (value: $2,500). Our team of volunteer therapeutic tutors teach language skills in a step-by-step, systematic, and sequential manner using the proven Orton-Gillingham method, with Orton-Gillingham being perhaps the most effective multisensory method for teaching students with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities to read and write

By continually training educators, we are not only increasing the Learning Centres’ capacity for those financially challenged families unable to afford private tutoring as all children attend free of charge, we are also adding additional trained educator resources to the community for those that have the financial means to pay for additional tutoring.

Second, it is in these individualized tutorials that students learn to trust in their abilities again; it is here that they improve their language skills and work at their own pace without worrying about how they will be perceived by their peers.

In our program, children attend twice a week for one hour after regular school hours, usually between 3pm and 6pm, Monday through Thursday. Lessons are divided into five levels, and most children take up to three years to complete the program.