Our Educational Resource Area contains a wide variety of materials that supplement student learning. We have selected the best and most popular educational materials that are currently available. There are many instructional- and student resource books in the areas of writing, grammar, spelling and reading. Parents wanting to learn more about learning disabilities and how best to support your child’s individual learning style can explore further reading below:

Unique Minds Foundation:  http://www.ldcalendar.com/about

Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver:  http://www.ldav.ca

Learning Disabled Association Fraser South:  http://www.ldafs.org

Know Your Rights:  http://www.knowyourrights.ca/knowyourrights/

Learning Disabilities Online:  http://www.ldonline.org

International Dyslexia Association:  http://www.interdys.org

Learning Disabled Association of Canada:  http://www.ldac-acta.ca

If an independent day school is more suited to your child’s learning progression, Fraser Academy is dedicated to helping students in grades 1-12 with language-based learning disabilities to become successful learners. Their expert teachers, tutors, and learning specialists go beyond proven teaching methods by creating personalized learning plans and progressive skill development. They are an excellent resource for the possibilities for independent learning and future opportunities

Fraser Academy:  www.fraseracademy.ca