Through community-based literacy and learning we support children who need a second chance, many of whom have few other options. We ensure that children from financially challenged families have the opportunity to gain the skills and confidence they need to reach their full potential, achieve their goals and participate in today’s global economy. Why? Because people with improved literacy skills make better choices. They eat healthier, vote more often, strive for higher education, find better jobs and make their communities stronger.

With the support of our donors, partners and the literacy community, we have created some success stories.

The B.C. Learning Centres' Vancouver location is pleased to share that 100% of our 13 students who have graduated from our early detection program are still enrolled full-time within the B.C. public school system. Noting the Vancouver location has only been in operation since 2009, our oldest students are currently enrolled in Grades 7-10. Colleagues from the private system share that 95-98% of their students, if enrolled during the same optimal learning period of Grades 2-5, do continue on and graduate Grade 12 with their peers. In comparison, the Ministry of Education reports only 81% of public and independent school students graduate within six years from the time they enroll in Grade 8 and only 53% who are categorized as Special Education graduate with their peers.

For those who cannot afford the private school system, the B.C. Learning Centres for Children with Dyslexia can deliver a transformational and lasting impact on the lives of B.C.’s most vulnerable future leaders.