My son Oliver has always loved books. I read to him almost every night since he was a baby. He loved stories and characters and would rather have a story than just about anything else. His favourite place was the library or bookstore and we would spend hours picking out books and talking about stories. He wanted to know what I read as a child and was fascinated with Tom Sawyer. That is why, I think, it was so shocking to discover, at eight years old, Oliver could not read himself.

Oliver has always been a good natured but shy boy, very well behaved. His teachers always remarked how pleasant and cooperative he was in the classroom, but we came to discover he had a learning disability, dyslexia. The irony, in my mind, is that we had a child so in love with reading and yet struggled so hard to read, it was painful. He would get so frustrated and beg me to read to him. I tried and tried to get him to read on his own which he desperately wanted to do. He was falling further and further behind in school. We changed schools as he was in French immersion but they could no longer support his learning challenges. My husband and I watched him start to withdraw, his body language spoke volumes; he was always looking down, took to wearing a hat all the time, he was hiding. It was heartbreaking. We knew he needed help, but didn’t know much about how to help him. Then we discovered the Learning Centre.

He has been at the Learning Centre for two and half years now and is instructed twice a week using the Orton-Gillingham method. His tutor, Lorraine Outridge, has been so steadfastly dedicated to him on his journey. She would tell you he is a different child than first started with her. He now reads independently and is learning the strategies he needs to advocate for himself. He has gained so much confidence.

Oliver is now 12 years old and has played Bottom in A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream and Petruchio in Taming of the Shrew in his classroom productions. Shakespeare! This is something that would have been unimaginable without Lorraine and the Learning Centre. I am confident Oliver has a bright future. He is a kind and loving boy, full of empathy; he is even a peer tutor to a younger child at his school, at the special request of his resource teacher.

I did not believe any of this would have been possible two years ago but thanks to the B.C. Learning Centre for Children with Dyslexia and the dedication of his tutor; he is well on his way.

We are very pleased and feel very grateful that our son was admitted in to the Learning Centres for Children with Dyslexia program. He started in the program sometime last year around November. We see an obvious improvement in our son’s learning progress. He is more aware and more confident about the phonetic sounds of words. We are very glad that he can read more. He loved a book called “Magic Finger” so much that he read a few chapters without stopping. We find that he is now much better in associating the letters and phonetic sounds of words. He can even spell words with much success.

Thank you so much for his tutor, who has extraordinary amount of patience and expertise in teaching our son. This program indeed helped us to obtain private tutoring where he gains attention directly from his tutor. Without your help in funding the program, children and families like us won’t be able to sustain and afford the expense of non-funded private tutoring. Thank you!

While my son was growing with dyslexia (and other physical problems) he had very little to no self worth. It was sad and the fact that I could not help him made it worse for me. After a few years he finally got into a special program at school but it wasn’t until he started to see the Learning Centre tutor that I saw super results. In a few short months he is now reading 50 words a minute from only 19! He now has the confidence to sound out a word and spell it on his own! He’s not second guessing himself anymore. His confidence has grown in all areas of his life.

I owe a lot of it to his tutor and your program. Thank you. His teachers see his improvements and accomplishments. He has always been a special boy and thanks to you guys he is now seeing it too.

I would absolutely recommend this program to any parents whose children have problems in reading and writing. Thank you again. I appreciate what you have done for my child.

I wanted to write you a letter to say thank you for letting my son receive tutoring at the Learning Centre. When he began to come to the Learning Centre he had a lot of trouble reading and spelling. After a year at the Learning Centre, he has learned so many new words, ways to spell, a great deal about English and about how to be a successful learner. Because of the tutoring, he is much more successful at school in all of his courses. More importantly, he now sees himself as a successful student. He is proud of what he knows and likes to tell his teachers at school the spelling rules he is learning. He is also getting better at his other school subjects, particularly in Math. He is now able to read and understand instructions in his text books and complete many more assignments on his own. He feels good about himself and is now eager to come to the Centre to expand his knowledge of English.

Without the tutoring at the Learning Centre, he would not have had such a successful year at school. I know that the tutoring at the Learning Centre has helped him so much. It is a wonderful program.