To ensure every child with dyslexia from a financially challenged family has access to free, high quality one-on-one instruction.


Using the Orton-Gillingham approach and working in concert with schools, teachers and parents to provide free, one-on-one tutoring to children with dyslexia by qualified, screened and trained volunteers in a safe and secure environment.


The Learning Centres leadership recognized the need to chart a course for the future that would ensure the growth and sustainability of the program. The goal of the project is a 36-month strategic plan that will help the organization achieve its vision.


Four goals were established:
  1. 1. To increase and diversify our funding to support service delivery levels that keep pace with the community’s need for our service;
  2. 2. To provide tutoring to a minimum of 12 students in 2014/15, 24 students in 2015/16 and to 30 students in 2016/17;
  3. 3. To build awareness and understanding of the work of the B.C. Learning Centres in targeted organizations and in the public at large; and
  4. 4. To build the necessary structures and management systems to appropriately deliver and measure our programs and activities.